Choose to keep your health

Nutrition plays an important role in our health and well-being. In many ways, we are what we eat.
My opinion is the following:
It does not eat what grows!
Fruits, vegetables, nuts, hazelnuts and cereals.

Chocolate bars and Coca Cola do not grow.
Personally, I think with all conviction that fast food restaurants are destroying people’s health.

Did you know that the top five supermarket items are Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, dehydrated soups, processed cheese and beer?

These foods have no nutritional value, they are full of sugar and salt and contribute decisively to the spread of epidemics that affect the health of the nation.

Processed foods can not contribute to optimal health, no matter how beautiful the images producers are on the packaging.

Women generally live a long life. That is why we have a lot to do to make this planet a better place for all women in the world.

In order to do this, we must be strong and healthy.
When you look at an old, fragile, stupid, and powerless woman, you can be convinced that it has fed all of your life inappropriately, that it did not exercise and that it has accumulated a lot of negative thoughts and beliefs.

Do not listen to advertisements of harmful products, they do not care about your health but only their profits!

Life provides us with all the things we need to nourish and maintain our health.

The easier we eat, the healthier we will be.

We are what we eat!

Photo credit: AdriOct (Anything about everything )

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