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The benefits of weight training

Specialists explain how weight training works in the process of slimming and body remodeling for both men and women. "There is a fear we face often enough about going to the gym, not to increase our muscles in an exaggerated way. "Will my excess muscles increase if I get weight? Do I lose my femininity?… Continue reading The benefits of weight training

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Mint: health benefits

About mint, only good! It is an aromatic herbaceous plant used for thousands of years not only for its taste or smell, but also for its health benefits. We find it more and more often around us, from care products to food, drinks, smoothies and cocktails. Mint leaves contain many essential oils, including menthol, menthol… Continue reading Mint: health benefits

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Cholesterol: healthy foods that lower cholesterol

You have certainly heard over time talking about cholesterol-lowering foods and, without a doubt, the connection between diet and cholesterol has sparked your curiosity. First, let's start with the beginning. In our body there are two types of cholesterol: good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Generally, the "good" cholesterol level is healthy, while the "bad" cholesterol… Continue reading Cholesterol: healthy foods that lower cholesterol

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Diet for atherosclerosis: 26 good foods

The health and condition of the blood vessels is vital to the proper functioning and health of the heart. The great enemy of the health of blood vessels is atherosclerosis. How does it occur? If it is already installed, what diet can we adopt to favor stagnation of the deposition of the atheroma plate on… Continue reading Diet for atherosclerosis: 26 good foods

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Breakfast: delicious and protein-rich ideas

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day and rightly so. How else should you start in the morning if not with extra energy and a delicious meal that will let you feel hungry and at the same time satisfy your taste buds. Moreover, breakfast can help you eat less during… Continue reading Breakfast: delicious and protein-rich ideas

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Potassium sources: foods that contain more potassium than a banana

This tropical fruit gives us a large amount of potassium (a banana contains somewhere at 422 mg of potassium), is a delicious and ideal snack for health, given the need our body has, from the heart and kidneys to the muscles and nervous system. Potassium plays an important role in the basic functioning of cells,… Continue reading Potassium sources: foods that contain more potassium than a banana