The power of the example

I often hear how people lament and how they get disappointed with their loved ones, especially their own children, without realizing it.

– I told you not to smoke and what are you doing? Now all my neighbors will laugh, and they will think I’m an irresponsible mother and that’s just because of you.

The guilt towards the child and the shame that he faces because he repeatedly hears words that blame him can give birth to small traumas for the future.

Ok … Most of the time parents who do this do not understand why their children are so disobedient and do these disturbing things.

The answer is simple: The power of the example!

You are a mother, you have been smoking for many years since your child was young, how can you accuse him of smoking if you were an easy example to follow?

The child often reproduces what he sees with his parents.

In my opinion the power of the example is the most important thing in a family.

Most of the time, children are trying to do things they see with their parents, and when they grow up and have the power to decide, they are very likely to give up very easily what they do.

Yes, the power of the example can greatly influence the behavior of those around you.
It all starts with you!

Want not to be lying? Do not lie !!!

Want to receive love? Offer love !!!

Want to have kids that do not make mistakes? Do not make mistakes

Do you want everyone around you to be happy?
Be happy!

Want to get attention? Give attention!

By the power of the example you can create or destroy !!!

10 thoughts on “The power of the example

  1. Very great topic and valid point. Beautifully stated and expressive. The power of example and truth is real for our children. It starts in the home first with parenting and the examples set. Visual learning and sensory learning starts very early in a child’s development. It’s not just what we say, but what we do and even the manner in which it is done.

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