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What are we waiting ?

We drink our coffee in peace .. many of us in houses, others on the terrace and the lucky ones in the courtyards full of greenery.

We are all waiting for something … what?
Shall we make a noise again in all this profound silence?

Do we fill the bars, restaurants or run to the shops full of clothes and take your favorite dress that is exposed at the entrance of the store?

Do we get past one another without greeting each other because we are in a hurry to get back to work?

Any change for the better takes time, and we now have all the time in the world to learn to love again, to hurry nowhere and to learn that life goes on in all our crazy pursuit of always getting something.

When we are often mistaken we prefer to go out, maybe we can drink a juice or miss our nights forgetting all we did thinking that only so we can go on. But here it is … now it is only YOU!
Do you want to run again?
You can do it … but this time you run into an emptiness … just like those dreams where you quickly run away, you still find yourself.
How many times have we felt frustrated and inferior to a richer social class?
Look !  We are all equal …
We are equal, but how many of us are human?
Isolation in your own home can remove everything that is worse from your own being or make you a better, more patient and even richer soul.

God exists for us all!

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