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Hope dies last!

The time has come to stay in the house and to love our neighbors.  The time has come to empathize with others, but first of all with you, because only in this way can you protect and help your neighbor.

I am convinced that many of us even say now, “Something bad can happen to me.”  This is probably what we all said a few months ago when we were so anxious to enter 2020. Full of hope with big plans we woke up empty-handed, without power although some time ago I thought that everything I did until  this moment will ensure us a perfect tomorrow.
But what do you do when you wake up and nothing is the same?  Suddenly, everything you had in your pocket and lost its value and your dreams about the future were canceled by living a present you cannot control.

As the day goes by it becomes more and more noisy and the clock is the only one that continues its activity and although we are no longer constrained by time, we look at the clock more often than ever.
Maybe it is for the first time when we live the present exactly as it is, the past seems so far away and the future is created by itself because we dare not dream so far.

It’s for the first time when we stay in the house, we feel the pain behind the walls, even the pain beyond the border.
In January I was the last time in Romania, at that time my mother scared of the hypothesis of a war because the news like these induced the conflicts of certain states, she was crying and frightened she said “they will close the borders, mother”. I did not believe!
Now these words quake me and my mother’s crying echoes in my mind in all this silence.
The borders had not yet been closed, I could return, mother!  I thought of you and stayed here, being more responsible than ever.  In the meantime,
The border is closed, mother!  I can’t come anymore … The thought of running away in your arms in time and I am scared that there are many others who come home even though they have no one to wait for but the irresponsibility and selfishness kill ..

Stay there today so I can hug my mom again tomorrow!

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