Tiramisu cake recipe

Because yesterday I tried a new recipe for lunch, today I chose to make my favorite dessert:

Tiramisu cake!

It’s a delicious recipe and it does not take long, so if you want to indulge your loved ones with this recipe, you’ll need the following ingredients:

For Coffee:

600 ml of water;
4 teaspoons of sugar;
7 teaspoons of coffee.


5 yolks

250 g sugar powder

500 ml liquid whipped cream

500 g mascarpone.

400 g sponge finger ( one 4-sided bag)

For the ornament: a spoon of cocoa, a little cream.

Method of preparation

First coffee is made. Put the water and sugar to boil and when boiled, add the coffee, stir and get off the fire, letting it cool.

Mix whipped cream in a bowl.

In another bowl rub the yolks with sugar, then add the mascarpone. After that, the cream thus obtained is incorporated into the whipped cream.

After I have finished making the cream, the sponge finger soak in the coffee before placing it in the tray or a cake cake shape as I choose to do, and place it in the container so that after each layer of picnics add the cream.

For the ornate you need a teaspoon of cocoa!

Should be left overnight in the refrigerator and served the next day!

Yummy, delicious!

Photo credit: AdriOct (Anything about everything )

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