Superficiality or love?

While drinking my evening tea, waiting for my boyfriend to come home from work, I was thinking how important love is for us, people.
Love is the most powerful force in the universe.
Love means harmony, happiness and lack of love means disaster, imbalance.

The lack of balance in love causes chaos.
I have always wondered why there are still people who have nothing to eat, why there are still children who do not have a piece of bread or shoes at the same time ,in the same world, there are people throwing money everywhere on things superficial.

Lack of love and empathy makes this imbalance possible.

We all know that if all those who are billionaires would share money or resources with those who need it, there will be much less suffering in this world.

We must learn to love everything that surrounds us because only in this way will we get to love and build a balance in this world.

Who can explain to them that they have gathered a lot of money for the Paris cathedral, and they are still waiting for a plate of food?

If one could make an effort for the Cathedral, can anyone say that it is impossible to make an effort for them?

Love does not respect rules, love is empathy, choose to love people and then buildings!!!

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