Our day

It all started on April 24th !!! On this day, two people who did not know what they were expecting would change the course of life. I remember perfectly this day, although it happened four years ago. The timid, simple but also so complex, I fell in love with HiM, the strong, sure man who would give me the most beautiful moments in my life.

So different and so tender, so now, after 4 years, I see you as beautiful as it is at first or maybe more beautiful. I would not have the words and time to describe all the moments of these four years that have worn me so far in your arms. And yet I can not mention a few of them.

– I feel so bad, I can not sleep.

-If you know you do not feel good, I can not sleep either.

My heart vibrated in those moments so loud that my soul did not want to know another way outside of you.

We are so different and yet so similar that I feel like I have lived together in another life. Thank God for bringing me into my life, and thank you for choosing to stay.

I want to be immortal because I can not live without you!

But surely a love like ours makes us immortal !!!

Happy Birthday my love !!!

Here I remember when we spent a whole day in the park, just us and a picnic blanket!

This wonderful gift with an emotional message and I proudly wear it!

While we were walking to Roma, your arms were my shelter !

Our sweet and spoiled moments!

First sunrise together !

Days full of joy by nature !

I will never forget this day because the wonderful places along with the loving man build unforgettable moments !

This evening we walked along the sea shore and your love warmed my soul!

This is one of the special evenings !

Our trip to London !

These are just some of the moments you have given me !!!

Thank you for choosing to love me!

I love you with all my soul !

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