With a flower you can bring spring to the heart of a woman

I often hear this statement:

– A flower is not spring!

My opinion is that a single flower given to a woman will always bring spring to her soul.

– Why ?

Because the simplicity of such a gesture enriches you and makes you bloom better than any flower.
You often see your girlfriends delighted by the fact that they get huge bouquets of flowers and you wonder what they do or what qualities they have?

They definitely have nothing extra, maybe just in minus.
Most women do not recognize simple gestures that are born of love and sincerity, preferring to be beautifully lying, as beautiful as a huge bouquet of roses.
Of course, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the huge bouquets received, as long as among those bouquets you do not forget to make your soul smile even when you get one rose.

I always felt special when I was given a red rose!
I would not have given him any huge bouquet, so I chose to keep the petals of that rose among the pages of a book to preserve his magic for many years.

Do not you allow yourself to buy valuable things?

You’re lucky ! Because on the way to the house you can break a rose that comes in your way so you can bring spring to your lover’s soul.

Often a simple gesture can be worth more than any material thing.

Spring takes place primarily in the soul and then outward.

4 thoughts on “With a flower you can bring spring to the heart of a woman

  1. A lovely post, but in my experience whenever I’ve given flowers it invariably seems to mean an admission of guilt of something I’m not even aware of having done 🙂

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