Evening thoughts part 19

Hey, can you come up with me ?

-Yes, I answer very quickly, leading me to him.

-Today we take tickets and go home, he says with a smile on his lips.

I did not know how to express my happiness, so I started jumping up happiness and hugging my lover.

I mention that we are away from our home country and now, after a period of 1 year, we return to stay for 2 weeks.
After we embraced and shared the joy, I decided to call my parents to give them this wonderful news.

– We come home !!!

I could feel a wave of strong emotions on the phone and out of my mother’s feeble and feeble voice that I have been hearing lately, I hear a cheerful and confident voice:

– I’m glad to hear you come, I miss you very much !!!

My soul has filled me with joy because we will step back on our childhood paths . ..

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Evening thoughts part 19

    1. Thank you and I’m glad to hear that we share the same emotions but also know how hard it is to get home very rarely. I want you to feel this as often as possible. A wonderful evening!!! Take care πŸ’•


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