The power and weakness of people

Although I have posted for several days because time was not on my side, I come back with an article that I hope you enjoy.
I was delighted to share with you my thoughts and opinions.
In this article I decided to write about power and weakness.

In my opinion, the power is relative and I will explain why I believe this.
We humans, we feel strong when we have an important job at work or when we excel in terms of studying, or simply that we are very popular among other people.
We gave just a few examples, but there are many.

There is nothing wrong with believing that we are strong but what if we find out that behind the power is weakness?



I went looking for the most powerful man because I also want to find the weakness behind this power.
When I found the person, I do not hesitate to say the following words:
– I want you to share your strength with us so we chose to pass a test.
– Yes, I can not wait to become known and to prove to everyone that I am a very powerful man.

At that moment I took that person and drove her in the dessert for one day and one night and I assured her of all the necessary food so as not to neglect her primary need. I installed a camera to monitor each move.

Immediately after our departure, he and his face with his palms and the great and powerful man became a small and fearful man as if all his strength and safety were swallowed by the weakness he had not known until that moment.

He did not last long and asked us to go back to get him out of that place.
When we reached him, he says in a low and humorous voice:
– My power is actually the biggest weakness.
– How so ? I am very surprised.
– I thought strongly when I saw that other people were much weaker without realizing that those people did not have a situation to help them explore their power.
I was strong because I was surrounded only by the things I wanted, when I was left with nothing, just me and my feelings, my power turned into weakness.

Morality: The inner power does not depend on the things that are outside us, this power is actually a weakness.

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