Evening Thoughts part 18

Tonight I talked to my mother on the phone and started talking about when I was born.

I knew from my grandmother that I had some health problems, but I did not know exactly how serious the situation was at that time.
The fact that I was born before the deadline and that I had a very low weight, created various problems at that time, both for my parents and doctors.

I smile as my mom says with a fearful voice reverberating like those moments. When he sees how empty I am and I listen with great interest to what he says, he adds:

– Doctors did not give you much chance of survival at that time, and today you grew so big and healthy.

I also answer:

– I had no way of being here today, now.

So today, while writing these lines and looking at me in the mirror, I smile and know that my place here in this life is not accidental.

I’m sure your place, the one who is reading this article now, is not accidental.
In my opinion, we each have one mission, and each of us has a mission to make the world a better place.
Now that I grew up realizing that without me, everything would have been different.
Ever since I was a baby, I was defending my family and helping her as I knew better.

My parents are often amused and telling me how I went out on the street with a bigger beat than me if someone quarreled with my brother or someone was doing something bad.

Of course a land and I could not raise the bottom, but the fact that I had the little initiative to appear to my brother, for my parents was a joy.

I remember when I was writing stories and were displayed in the hall of the school where I was studying.
And today I am writing here thanks to the fact that there are people who read my articles.
I always loved writing and knew I was doing it to give my thoughts and feelings.
I love to write motivational articles or personal development articles because that makes me a fulfilled man.
So I had no way of going through the problems encountered when I came to this life, because somewhere, somewhere far away, I was going to write this article.

Beautiful evening !

All photo credit: Anything about everything ( adrioct)

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