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Why are we running away from freedom?

Today while I was discussing a topic with my lover about the limitless possibilities of mankind in terms of freedom and the right to choose how to live your life, he says smiling:

– Keep this idea for the blog!

We love to communicate and share ideas.

So we are back to the subject we are discussing.

Man has unlimited possibilities in this life, yet he chooses to embrace and live his life in places where he would not want to be, but also to say with nonsense:

– Life brought me here, I can not change anything.
Why do other people live where they want and I have to live in this way?

These questions are rhetorical and although people have the answer somewhere deep in the soul, they choose to lie and complain in many situations.

Why do I choose this?

The answer is: safety and fear of the unknown!

We people want to have control and we like to think we know exactly what we do the next day or what awaits us every day.
Totally wrong!

It is easier for us to sacrifice our freedom and to live in a daily routine, while we also know that we know exactly what we live day by day.

What keeps you when you encounter a problem going out in nature or visiting a dear place?

What does it take to start today to feel free and to be happy that you can see and feel everything that surrounds you?

What keeps you going on a new road and realizing that it’s never too late for a new beginning?

Live the moment and enjoy everything you love, defeat any fear! Dare to be free! Leave it in every place where you walk to collect what you have left over many years.

You are created to be free and to explore all that is beautiful in this world.
Taste it from the sweetness of life!

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