The key to human relationships

Who does most of his friends and is always accepted by all the people he meets?

Answer: The dog.

As soon as he sees you in a happy queue, believing that you are perfect in all respects, and he is only interested in your person.
He never has to say a bad word about you, he thinks you are a great friend, and the more you come home at night, the more he is glad to see you.
It gives you unconditional love, without any further claim, without asking for any compensation and without wanting to sell you a life insurance.

Talk to people only about what they are interested in, not about what interests you.
Most people are only concerned about what they want or what they are interested in, not what you want.

If you go fishing, it’s useless to put in the hook something that you like to eat, such as roast, hamburgers or chocolate ice cream.
Put a bait that likes the fish.

It’s the only way you can influence others. Just talk about what they want.

Most people are not active or interested when they talk to others because they only talk about themselves and their own needs.

You can not capture the attention of others than discussing what they want and showing them how to get what they want.

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