Some tips for the blog

I will give you some tips I’ve applied for this blog and the results have not been delayed.

1. You must have the courage to tell your point of view on any subject you want. Of course not everyone will agree with your opinion, but people will certainly appreciate the authenticity and the courage to write.

2. Before posting an article, visualize it and think if you appreciate what you see if it does not belong to you.

3. Try as much as possible to reveal your weaknesses, emotions, because when you read something that awakens your emotions and sensitizes you the chances for others to come back to your blog grow considerably.

4. Choose photos that are consistent with the rest of the content. Choose expressive photos, photos that can send a message about the content of the article.

5. Try to be unique and get your fingerprint in everything you write.

6. Be active and do not forget that if you do not read other people’s articles, the chances that your articles will be read are reduced. Take into account the phrase “you get what you offer.”

7. The title of an article is extremely important because, depending on it, people will open the article, so try to opt for a title that awakens your curiosity and makes you click on the article.

8. Do not forget that the labels are very important, depending on them you can be found easier by the others, so use them as often as possible.

9. Try to place the rows in the page with great care so you can read it as easily as possible and make the visual look as pleasant as possible. Never write without leaving space between the written lines because it will give you a crowded look and people will feel tired to read it.

10. Do not forget that although there are many articles, yours deserve to be read, the confidence in you and what you write will help you, and the work done will be rewarded.

These things I have discovered during my blog activity and they have brought me the results so far.

Thanks for choosing to read this article !!!

11 thoughts on “Some tips for the blog

  1. I agree with everything you’ve said. I have only just started taking the name of my articles into account. Thanks for the wonderful way you have put all this advice together.

    Liked by 1 person

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