The magic of nature

In my opinion, nature is the ideal place where man can connect to himself and to everything that is most beautiful and colorful in this world.

It’s ironic how we pay people a lot of money to be in the most luxurious buildings, or we dream of having a lot of money to allow us to go as close as possible to the closed and beautifully landscaped spaces and nature gives us the freedom and tranquility we have so much need, without having to pay for these real benefits.

Still, the parks are still more empty, while the terraces and the mansions are full of people.

We pay a lot of money to dine at renowned restaurants while a picnic in my opinion is perfect to form a close and family relationship with loved ones.

Here I have the opportunity to see many smiles, to see happy families walking through their hands through the green grass, being perfectly harmonized with the nature that smiles at every step.

Fragrant flowers create an unforgettable ambiance and the activities you can take in nature are endless.

I walk through the green grass and analyze how many things can learn nature.
Although we all go through the grass, it remains intact and green, when we humans when we feel “rushed” by the other people we pity and forget to live nicely.

As if we were in the place where joy is preserved and people forget about all care.

Nature is the most powerful force and also the most beautiful weakness.

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