How to react to business criticism

If a client or potential customer will criticize you or your business, you simply ask the person what they would do if they were in your situation and someone would criticize it in the same way.

Regardless of the answer you receive, you can answer:

– Exactly! So did I!
– You are right ! And that’s what we’re gonna do!


Potential client:

– I hear you do not deliver the products on time.


– Yes, it is true that at some point I had some trouble at the warehouse. But, tell me, if you were the director of a company that would receive this claim, what would you do?

Potential client :

– I would convene a meeting with all those involved and make a rigorous plan to ensure that the products are delivered in time.


-You are perfectly right . That’s exactly what we did.

You accepted the truth and made the client feel good, not only affirming that his opinion is correct, but also that your company has already put it in question or is about to put it.

When you engage and act as a professional, the critics of others do not have the same power, and the potential customer will no longer feel the need to insist on certain problems that may occur at any time.

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