The key to admiration at the first meeting

People make 90% of the first opinion about us in less than four minutes from our knowledge and evaluate us according to body language but also according to what we say and then only decide to what extent we deserve respect and how much interesting.

To gain the admiration and respect of others as soon as possible at the first meeting, do the following:

1. Say, sure who you are and what you are dealing with.

Talk about your position in society and the reasons why you are happy with it.
You will not self-simulate by such a characterization:
– I’m just a clerk … just a housewife.

I recommend you to express yourself otherwise:

– I work at the largest bank in the country, helping clients to make investments profitable.
Another example:
– I am the mother of two beautiful children and a life partner of John.

If you do not speak positively about yourself, no one else will do it.

2. Be positive

Talk about life expressing positive expectations. Besides being so well presented to others, they will be enthusiastic about your person and your conversation.
You always shudder that makes people around you wonder what you’re up to.

3. Do not criticize anyone or anything

When you criticize, others will interpret criticism as a lack of self-esteem, lack of understanding or disbelief in yourself.
If a person mentions a rival, praise his good parts.
If you can not say something positive, you better say nothing.
Do not try to raise yourself by breaking one another.

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