Back to London

Do you know when the phone alarm is no longer needed to wake you up because the thought of going on a trip will make you wake up repeatedly to see how much time it is until the time of departure?
I did, it seemed like a very long night because I’m eager to get to London again.

– Awakening! I shout very glad!

The sun was shining as if it were sending a message to let us know that it would accompany us throughout this day.

As I write these lines, I also admire the beautiful landscapes I can see through the window of the bus that will take us to London.

Everything is green and blooming around, nature suits us as the perfect scene for an unforgettable trip.

London, we come !!!

After 3 hours with the bus, we arrived !!!
We took our hand and walked all day, admiring all the beautiful landscapes.

I leave you here moments from our unforgettable movie!

In the conclusion of this article and at the end of our trip, we have remained in the soul with all the moments we have surprised above and with this soothing voice that created the perfect framework for the conclusion of our film today.

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