Social networks can kill the meaning of love

Social networks have brought us to the condition that the deepest gesture that we can do for the dear man is to send him an emoticon in the form of a heart.

A trivial example: during the dinner, it is not focused on the phone, but look it in the eye. Sounds stupid, okay? The point is that people’s relationship resembles a huge menu. We have many things to choose from.

We think this is welcome, but it does not allow us to have a really strong relationship. Because you are always tempted to choose, you can not concentrate on the man you walk with and who stands in front of you. What will happen if this man is not the best of those on social networks?

What will happen if tomorrow on the same networks there will be a girl who will get you overhead? Love has disappeared. She killed the internet. I replaced love with adventure. We are not ready to fight for the relationship we have been involved with. We think it’s so easy to find someone to love and accept with good and bad.

With the help of a few clicks you can buy a ticket and you can pay it online. You could do it every day, but you do not, because you do not have enough money. The same thing is with women: you will never know if you will find time to get to know them all. In the past, you could have met her in a cafΓ©, then invited her to a walk. Nowadays, you will sort all the numbers in the contacts to decide who deserves to be with you and who does not.

As a result, you’ll most likely stay home alone. There are a lot of options to conquer. You forgot to live and meet your dear ones. Why ask the dear man how the trip was, if you saw the pictures on Instagram? Why make a choice if you have so many variants?

In the past a relationship took life from first intimate contact or even much earlier. Now we are in a relationship since we changed the status on Facebook. Others will believe this from the moment I posted the first photo of my beloved person. All of this has transformed our lives into a myth.

No one will post on the social network that she’s crying or that it’s hard to love. We only see moments of happiness on the internet. Real life and life on Facebook are two different things. There is no ideal partner. There is no perfect life. But we are not able to accept this. This is the reason why we spend too much time on matrimonial sites.

We constantly think that we are not good enough or that our relationships are not beautiful enough. We begin to believe that love must be like a home delivery: simple and clear. I forgot to love.

Social networks can kill the meaning of love !

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