Why you don’t manage to lose weight? You don’t drink enough water!

Numerous diets have appeared over time, in various shapes and sizes. Many are complicated, others are severe, but there are some permissive ones. A diet depends a lot on the health you are facing. Not all are suitable for anyone, and even the results can be worrying or ineffective. Many times people with extreme diets experience larger amounts of salt in the body and are very dehydrated.

Hydration is ideal in everyday life but also in diet, and if this habit is done properly, the body will thank us for it. The first sign that he tells us that he needs fluids is the feeling of thirst. A small amount of water in the body along with a large amount of food can lead to complications such as kidney stones. That is precisely why we need to react early in order not to sabotage our health. Individuals who do not drink enough water dehydrate easily, and so there is a feeling of hunger when, in fact, the body signals the need for water. Moreover, if you want the results of the slimming process to be visible, water consumption is necessary and along with physical exercise and healthy eating you will enjoy the much-desired silhouette, because you quickly get rid of the substantial weight.

Following a 2016 study involving more than 18,000 adults and elderly people, it was discovered that people who consumed large amounts of water did not feel hungry and thus consumed fewer calories on an ordinary day than those who did not they had this healthy habit. Also following the same study it was discovered that people who consume more water had no problems with salt, cholesterol and body fat compared to dehydrated people. The feeling of thirst can be easily confused with the hunger. We have to keep in mind that when we do not consume enough fluids we feel the need to eat more, and so our plans for an enviable silhouette are compromised. Another aspect to keep in mind is water consumption during the meal.

A 2010 study found that people who consume water before eating were successful in weight loss as opposed to those who did not, and that was because they did not feel the need to eat so much.

How to drink more water in a day

You do not have to wait for the first signs of the body that suggest you are dehydrated. Furthermore, moisturizing comes with a lot of benefits for both health and the skin and brain. We have some tricks for you to help you drink more water one day. First of all, always have a bottle of water at you, preferably glass, to avoid the use of excess plastic. If you count among the people who simply hate drinking water, you can opt for a fruit tea made with caffeine, sugar and other wonders. More specifically, zero calories. Do not forget to set your alarm. It is very difficult at first to get into the rhythm and you will only get to drink when you feel the need. Let the phone ring in the hour or no more than every two hours and drink a glass of water and do not forget to repeat the process until it becomes a habit. Also, hydration with food can be an ideal strategy, and that’s because many fruits and vegetables have a huge water content. Hmm, how about red melon, apples, pears or cucumbers?

Hearing hunger may be good, and to avoid being fooled, you can drink a glass of water, and if you feel the same for over 15 minutes then it is certainly safe to eat something. You just have to listen to your body and learn when and how to help.

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