What is behind a dream

Most of the time we forget what we dream about during the night, or we simply remain indifferent to any dream we have.

In my opinion, each individual has his or her own message that most of the time is in a dream, but we do not know how to interpret it.

I think it is important to analyze our dreams in very stressful times or in a very different period of time in our everyday life.

And I’m not referring to that interpretation looking on the internet having as keywords “what if I dream a cat, dog …”
I refer to something your body wants to convey to you, a unique message that only you can decode and interpret according to the experiences of life at that time.

It is said that Dimitri Mendeleev came to sleep in the idea of arranging the chemicals in a certain order.

After three days of work without stopping, the Russian left himself defeated by the natural need to rest and went to bed. During sleep, Mendeleev dreamed of the table that today we call the “Periodic Table of Elements”.

“I dreamed of a table where the elements are positioned exactly as they should. Immediately I woke up and wrote down the idea on a sheet of paper,” Mendeleev said at the time.

So,it is important to note that dream that can send us an important message at a time when we are looking for answers.
We should not hesitate to write the dream as soon as we wake up, because it is very likely to postpone and then realize that you forgot what you dreamed.

So if you’re looking for answers, messages can be everywhere, right in front of you! It is important to observe and interpret them in a favorable and personal way.

9 thoughts on “What is behind a dream

  1. I agree with you. Some dreams are just dreams. Other dreams are speaking to us and showing us how things look in the spiritual. We see only the physical side of our lives but there is a completely other side in the spiritual. I have received many insights from my dreams.

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