Evening Thoughts part 17

Tonight, as I drink my evening tea, I get close to the window and look at my flowers.

I have always wondered why we women love flowers so much?

In my opinion the flowers are in agreement with us, the women. Because flowers offer so much beauty, delicacy, sensual smell, without asking them to offer all of these things.

Just as women do.

Probably the invisible link between a woman and a flower is tight because our subconscious recognizes the finesse and refinement so our femininity comes to the surface every time we smell a flower or when we receive a flower.

Even the way a woman goes can be quickly changed when she holds a bouquet of flowers in her hand.

There is another reason why I make this assimilation between a flower and a woman.
The fragility of a flower is in the hands of those around you, you can break a root flower, you can water it, plant it, help it grow, or break it, and it will shed shortly.

The same thing happens to a woman.
We are so fragile that wounds caused by those around us make us wicked or on the contrary, the care of those around us makes us bloom and look better than ever.

We are so different from the point of view of nature but also so identical because we have in common the only thing that keeps us alive: Love!

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