Why get you out of bed in the morning?

Why take a vacation?

Why spend 20 years raising kids?

Sometimes we do what we need without knowing why. Often, in life you do not understand the reasons why you did anything until long after the act was committed.
Human motivation is very simple.
We do what we do because we have the feeling that it’s good for us.

Finally, it seems that our good is the good of all.

When you were young, you probably told yourself that selfishness is bad. But perhaps we only need to make our selfishness more effective.
Our needs seem to go beyond us, shading ever higher.
We are programmed to have more and more integrated and fair behavior.

Have you ever seen more cats playing endlessly, running?
The internal program of the cat’s chick is to develop, through the game, perfect hunting capabilities.

People also have a program. We never stop exploring. Even when we have enough food, affection, we always follow something extra.

We humans are built to seek the truth, to discover the depth and beauty of life, but this image has lost us with modern life.
It has nothing to do with our everyday image as it appears in the media.

Every evening, the news shows us in detail the areas where the human race fails.

The reality should sound like this:

– Here’s the news. Today, six billion people have had food, communicated and behaved nicely with their children.
Some gave it to the bar, but nothing was too serious.

What we find out now is that value comes from the sense you choose to give to things.

4 thoughts on “Why?

  1. This is such an effective way of explaining the human nature. Yes, we are programmed to search for truth and that is why we always want to improve ourselves. And we do improve ourselves. But because of our focus on improvement, we see points to improve (failures) and not what we actually improved.

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