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The benefits of weight training

Specialists explain how weight training works in the process of slimming and body remodeling for both men and women.

“There is a fear we face often enough about going to the gym, not to increase our muscles in an exaggerated way. “Will my excess muscles increase if I get weight? Do I lose my femininity? “” If I increase the intensity of the exercises, does this type of work help me define my body shape or, on the contrary, push me to a male look? “- are common questions. Weight training is critical in true fitness. Without this, your muscles will become atrophied over time. If you do not constantly work on muscle development, they will weaken and deform. And if you are 20 or over and do not move to build and develop your muscles, your muscles will definitely be atrophied. And that’s because, since the age of 20, every decade of age is exposed to a natural process of loss of muscle, “explains Flavius Ursachi.

Weight training: Benefits

It stops the process of losing muscle and starts muscular reconstruction.

It helps you move more easily – from the shopping cart to the rearrangement of the home furniture.

It gives a beautiful posture and a pleasant physical appearance.

It increases bone density, strengthens and firmly strengthens all body bones.

Improves balance and coordination.

Prevents cartilage erosion, so you will not feel pain during your daily movements.

Develop muscle that will burn more calories, even while you rest.

It lowers your blood pressure, making your heart stronger.

Strengthens metabolism.

It lowers the level of sugar in the blood, which helps prevent insulin resistance (the precursor of diabetes).

Improves your sporting performance: the stronger your muscles, the more your strength of effort.

It gives you a general state of well-being and resilience. If you are strong, you feel strong.

Makes you a better athlete: there is no substitute for power!

Prevents the appearance of a fragile, under-developed body of “low belly”.

Increases energy level. The more muscles you have – and the better you develop – the less effort you put in your activities and feel more energetic.

Over time, it protects you from possible falls or fractures. If the aging process comes along with: good bone density, strong muscles and balance, the risk of injury is noticeably diminished.

The burns will increase by up to 22% more than after an aerobic training (we define the fat and calories your body burns in the first hours immediately after a workout).

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