Evening Thoughts part 16

Tonight as I drink my lemon tea and enjoy the peace of the outside and my inner peace, I realize how fulfilled I am.

Very often I hear people around me saying they have problems.

– Hey, Dana! How are you ?

-I have a problem to solve, she says hurriedly.

After 1 hour, the incident makes us intersect again in the city during this day.
– Did you solve the problem? I’m asking

-Yes, yes! I had to print some papers.

At the moment I was glad to hear what she had to do, but I remained indifferent to the way she expressed herself.

We use as many negative phrases and then we wonder why we are facing a real problem.

We use expressions such as “I can not believe, you do not want to go” … This “not” repeatedly schedules us to events and negative events.

Everything is simple and easy as long as we keep our balance and try to be present in everything we do without running away from responsibility without avoiding choices putting all these things on God’s sake.

I am convinced that God wants us free and happy, I am convinced that we were born to be happy and to choose the way we want to live.

So make a tea and enjoy everything you have and remember that there is a problem, because there is a solution.

You can create problems or create solutions, you choose!

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