The magical movie of life

Have you ever thought that all our desires are being done? Yes, yes, ALL our desires are accomplished. Something else is that many of us are misinforming their wishes or generally do not want anything.

I understand your first reaction to this statement is to contradict me. “It’s not true, I never thought of a road accident, of any illness, nor did I imagine I would have such problems. I have always dreamed of happiness, health and prosperity … “

We want it or not, but in this world everything is alive. There are also our thoughts. The universe receives our thoughts from energy impulses and strictly realizes them. The universe fulfills our desires, and we “feed it” with love. It is a rigorous exchange, and if a link breaks and the second has to suffer.

The universe does not understand the words : yes or no or those that are barely understood. For him there are no emotional notions such as “positive” or “negative”, “fear” or “joy”. It all depends on the amount of energy we invest in our thoughts.

It sometimes happens that we thought about something and at the same time we were scared. The fear was so powerful that it created a powerful impulse of energy, and no matter how the thought flashed in your brain, the universe understood it as a task it is bound to fulfill.

Analyze how you think. For example, you often think so …

-Now there are hard times, it’s hard to find a good job, buy a house, and generally buy something.

And complaints about unhappy life start to run, we quarrel our husbands, wives and everything around is bad and nothing is the way we want.

The universe will give you what you ordered – “hard times”, “job problems”, “you can not buy a house”, and bring you closer “relatives and wives who do everything stupid” and will give you that “unhappy life” as you thought it.

You are the screenwriter of your life!

What do you have to do to change your life for the better?
Changes in our lives are hindered by the word “whether”, who lives in the past, our present and that we carry on after us and in the future. STOP! Imagine that this “if” has never been in your life.

Honestly answer these questions:

What do you really want?

What brings you happiness and harmony?

If you had a magic wand, what would you do?

Imagine a bright future:

What do you dream about: What would you like to get over a year?

And remember that the Universe fulfills your desires in exchange for the love you carry in your soul. The more love you have in yourself, the sooner you do what you think.
And now let yourself dream. Imagine all your desires WERE FULFILLED. Thank your destiny for what you are.

Thank the universe that fulfills your wishes and thank God for creating a magical world. Thank your mom and dad because they gave you life and thank you because you were born and existed.

Learn to think positively!!!

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