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Mint: health benefits

About mint, only good! It is an aromatic herbaceous plant used for thousands of years not only for its taste or smell, but also for its health benefits. We find it more and more often around us, from care products to food, drinks, smoothies and cocktails. Mint leaves contain many essential oils, including menthol, menthol and limonen, and because the most well known and consumed tea is mint, it is used not only for taste but also for health benefits.

Mint: benefits for health

Improves stomach discomfort. Mint has compounds that help relax the intestinal tract tissues. Several studies have shown that, besides other herbs, mint helps eliminate stomach pains in children, while other studies show that it can help eliminate nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy.

Treat the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Studies show that those capsules of peppermint oil can help reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome: gas, stomach pain, constipation and diarrhea.

You get rid of headaches. The active ingredient contained in the mint is menthol. Small studies have shown that it has properties to reduce migraines. It also reduces other symptoms such as sensitivity, nausea and vomiting, while other studies have shown that applying peppermint oil to the forehead and temples can help eliminate tension in the head.

It destroys germs in the oral cavity. As well as providing fresh air and fresh breathing, mint has antibacterial properties that help eliminate the source of unpleasant odors: germs.

Deepen the sinuses. Mint can help fight colds or mucosal infections that lead to blocking sinuses. That’s why menthol can help you breathe easily.

Offers energy. If you want to feel full of energy throughout the day, mint oil can be an ideal trick to change your mood. Experts are still not sure about the changes that occur in the body, but it seems that mint helps eliminate drowsiness.

Eliminates menstrual cramps. It does not affect the amount of blood, but it can eliminate the intensity and can shorten the duration of menstrual pain.

Reduces appetite. Here’s good news for the ladies and gentlemen who are going to play and want to get rid of extra pounds. Essential mint oil helps you get rid of hunger and, most likely, later to lose weight.

Calms seasonal allergies. Mint can help you take advantage of outdoor odors without worrying about possible allergies because it contains rosmarinic acid that helps reduce body reactions such as clogged nose, irritation, redness, sneezing or even itchy eyes .

Improves concentration attention. In a small study, it has been shown that those peppermint capsules help some people to focus better without feeling tired.

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