How to avoid disappointment

The others are more interested in your own than you, so your main goal when talking to them is to talk about them and never about yourself unless you’re asked.
And if the others do not ask you anything about you, they just do not care, so do not talk about it.

Most people who give total disinterest understand the fundamental rule that:

– What you give, you will get back somehow, another time, with a peak and indolent.

The truth is that all our gestures are motivated by your own interest and the sense of generosity you had when you gave something.
Your balance shows that you have received the reward, even if your gesture was anonymous.

People who expect others to behave differently than first handles of their own interest are always disappointed and feel “betrayed” by them.

When we do something for ourselves, we do it from an instinct of survival deeply rooted in our brains and which is since the world a characteristic of people.
It is the basis of the conservation instinct.

If we understand that we all put our personal interest first, we will have one of the keys to good relationships with others.

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