Evening Thoughts part 15

Pok, pok, pok !!!

– What are you doing there ? I was wondering when I heard the noise coming from the living room.

-You will see,he replies, smiling.

– Would you like to watch a movie?

– Why do you think I made that noise?
I was struggling to break this coconut.

Coconut is our favorite, so I am amused when I found out why that noise was heard.

In the evening, we usually watch a movie while enjoying tasteful papules with different flavors.

Do you know those neighbors who hear themselves when they should not?

So every time we relax, enjoying the moments of peace, often quarrels or intense noise in their apartment shakes us.

Every day we imagine how chaotic these neighbors live.

We have moved here recently, but we have not yet come to see these people who do not care about anything but their frustrations that they do not hesitate to say so loud that all neighbors can hear them.

Because their noises distracted me, I still do not forget the coconut that is waiting to be enjoyed.

A nice evening!

Do not forget to keep quiet and harmony wherever you are!

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