Present but also absent

I start by saying that we often lie to ourselves and especially to those around us that we are present or more correctly told that we are connected to everything that’s going on.

Whenever you are with your family or partner and they need your real presence, you tell them that you are listening to them, but in fact all the while you take the phone in your hand and connect with anything else.

Let’s first establish what it means for me to connect.

Connecting is that energy channeled on a single point.

For example, I remember when my mother was very dissatisfied with the fact that all the time when he came to my room to talk, I was with the phone in my hand. At that moment I did not understand what it upset and insisted on telling him that while I was sitting with the phone in hand, I can listen to it.

Now I understood the mother’s madness and I realized she was right in everything she was saying.
At that moment I made her feel like the phone was my priory and not the conversation between us.

Lack of connection with others can cause deep wounds.

In couples it happens very often that two people believe they have the perfect relationship but in reality they forget to connect with each other.

To avoid tensions in the couple, choose to give each other time each other while you’re only connected to it, without a phone, without anything else.

You will see that relationships will improve considerably and you will not waste your energy in the wrong or less important directions.

While reading this article, are you here now, here?

5 thoughts on “Present but also absent

  1. Not everybody is ignorant and suffers from lack of attention.
    I have noticed, though, how many people would only say things to please the other person (I’m not talking about close relatives) and they never even intend to follow up on their promises. That is an issue big time present in North America. When I compare that with Europe, the relationships are way healthier which does not mean better, but more honest. I’ ve written numerous articles about psychological aspects that cause people to pretend. Internet has really facilitated the rise of two-faced personalities.
    One has to be honest and attentive. Most people are neither attentive, nor have they courage to be honest.
    Once somebody is over 50, they start to realize that we should treat others as we would like to be treated. Young people have no time to pay attention to others, they are so frequently so full of themselves and their ego, as well as focused only on their own issues and life. As one gets older they start to understand that life isn’t only about us and what others can give us. Life is about what one can share with others and how one can contribute to other lives.
    I’m not generalizing and trying to make a point that everybody is exactly that way, however, that’s the impression I get when reading blogs and rarely watching TV.


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