Evening thoughts part 14

Tonight, while I was drinking my evening tea, I’m talking to my boyfriend about the news that the Ethiopian plane crashed just 6 minutes from take-off.

We both thought how dramatic is what happened and empathized with the family of those who died in this dramatic incident.

We both came to one conclusion: it is very important to tell loved ones how much you love them because you never know what to do next.

– Paid their own life plus a little money a race to a final destination without a return ticket.

– Who pays for this?

– Who can relieve the pain of those who were waiting for their loved ones to cling to their arms?

On that plane, you did not even find out whoever reads this article, nor do we who are discussing this topic.

What do we have in addition to those people?

In this race of life, be sure to always travel with class 1, which means to be good, to make the world a better place!

Many others can not do this because they boarded that race without a return ticket.

You are still here !!!

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