Behind the reality

Are we getting illusions so we can get over any obstacle of life?

Are we illusive because we can ignore reality?

Ever since we were born, we have the first illusions. The illusion that we are accepted and integrated into the world in which we come without choosing this.

We are taken from the first moments of life of our mother’s arms for various medical reasons. All that the soul is remembering is that for whatever reason it feels lonely, the soul does not apologize.

We live with the illusion that every one of us is born freely, the reality is that we are born with that baggage of the parents and also with the responsibility to bring fulfillment into their lives and happiness.

When you are young, absorb all parents’ frustrations and frustrations, so it is very important that before giving birth to a child, you need to be mature enough to know what it takes to bring a soul to the world.

We are born with so many illusions and, at the same time, throughout our lives, these illusions multiply intimately so that we become captive in our own minds.

How can we access our true inner power if we do not know the truth?

Since I was little, I was reading a lot, so I remembered now that I had overwhelmed the following words that remained in my memory:

“Truth will make you free!”

Society takes care to degrade easily from our roots all the truths that can make us free.

What is your truth?

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