What is behind the offenses

A man who offends suffers. In fact, offending is nothing more than the manifestation of previous frustrations. Many times, the person to whom the offense is directed does not mislead him with anything that offends him.

A man with peace , will never offend you.
What hides an offense?
We are here now to enjoy the supreme gift:


But in this changing world, there are sometimes situations and circumstances in which our inner calm is put to the test. We have all met with more or less desirable experiences, but it is important that as we get into life, we are richer in experimentation.

If you’ve wondered why some people are offended, the answer is very simple:

Any man offers what he has. Everything is going inside. The outer world is the mirror of the inner world. By means of an offense, a man presents his inner condition, which is characterized by a genuine discomfort. And under no circumstances is it to be condemned, because nothing is “bad” or “good”. Everything is.

Early accumulations play a fundamental role in making a jail. Unsuccessive baggage, annoyances and frustrations gathered over the course of life give rise to a series of negative reactions in our body, and these reactions produce some thoughts and feelings that we sometimes fail to be proud of. However, whenever we have the opportunity to observe our own manifestations.

Perhaps many times a person gets angry without being aware of it. Perhaps this man even offends the person he loves most.
If you meet a man who lives in a constant inner tension, you will notice that his inner peace can be lost very easily in your communication. Many times, the person to whom the offense is directed does not mislead him with anything that offends him. The voltage of the transmitter can be so intense that he can burst anytime and anywhere without taking into account the surroundings.

In fact, this action, offense, can be perceived as a blessing, because it is a life lesson for both the transmitter and the receiver. If you are the target of a jail, you have the opportunity to admire the process by which the one near you releases the blockages of negative energies in order to live the inner peace that we all tend.

Notice the tension of the one who tries to offend you, perceive his sadness, admire this process, and thanks for the fact that you can rise above all appearances. Send your thoughts of peace and harmony to the one who tries to attack you and open the door of peace, even if only through the ways of the inner world. You do not need to talk to someone to convey what you feel. A deep look is more than enough. At a glance, you can say it all.
Take a look at his eyes with the confusion and caress him with the purity of your soul. You are in peace, and by your gaze, you also give him peace.

The manifestation of the outer world is the mirroring of the inner world. Everything you live in was created by your thoughts and feelings.

Every element of your reality has been put there, conscious or not, even through your creative power. Accept the result of your creation, bless Everything That Exists and choose with joy what elevates you. If a man causes you sadness, do not try to resist, because you will not solve anything. Peace is not created by war. Peace is maintained by peace.

Be the man who opens the door of peace!

Be the change!

Be You Peace Consciously!

A man with peace will never offend you.

I know that it’s not just easy to keep quiet when there is agitation around you, but never forget that the war was created to appreciate peace. You can experience peace in the middle of the war.

You can live light in the midst of darkness. In fact, darkness is nothing but light in the form of darkness.

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