The art of a quarrel

Conflicts are part of life, in fact, they are essential to privacy.
You are different, and this difference makes life more interesting.
After all, it would be very boring to really have your twin brother as your partner.
Without a little excitement, life would not have any fun.

Usually the differences occur a few seconds after you know someone.
After you have been together for a few years, you have a real collection.
There may always be reasons for a couple’s quarrel. It may be about parents, or about the big decisions to have or not have children, maybe it’s about the safety of the children, or even about the minor things happening in your house, for example, the partner leaves the dirty socks in the bathroom.

There are cases where couples do not argue. Be good to them! Probably people with strong or terrible nerves.

Some are amazed to learn that you can argue with discipline.
Not only is it possible, but it is essential for a marriage to survive, you need to be able to fight cleanly and honestly.
That means avoiding as much as possible offenders to the other.

An honest quarrel means you have to express your feelings directly.


– You annoy me when you agree to invite our friends to dinner, and then you forget to call them!

In this case, avoid saying:
– Fatty, insincere and infuriated who you are!

Instead of throwing accusations, entering the infinite territory of negativity:

– The whole family is so, nothing is easy for you! I’m not surprised I’m the only one who wanted to marry you!

Better tell your discontent directly, without offending:

– Can you tell me why you forget to call your friends for dinner? I hope you have a solid argument to support your deeds.

Often, in case of quarrels, the message itself is very positive.
Even when you say:

– You do not understand me, do not take my needs into account!

You say these things precisely because you want to have an understanding and think it worthwhile to certify for your relationship.
If you did not care, it would not be worth it.
When you’re involved, when you care, it’s necessary to fight.

Accumulation of anger can reveal truths you did not dare to say out loud:

– I know I said your brother can live with us, but I’m wrong! I do not like him or his dog. I want to get out of here both!

Quarrel can take another turn and can certainly become destructive, so it’s vital to learn to fight properly.

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