The morning starts with you!

After a deep and quiet sleep beside the one you love, you wake up full of energy and very positive.
Happiness is when I open my eyes and he smiles sleepily in my bed with that bright red sheet.

With him intriguing eyes, he sees him perfect features, him expressive and unique eyes, him fleshy lips and perfect contours. The maslin, the intense brunette hair … I am shortly next to the man I have designed in my life since childhood, without realizing this thing. But I remember when I was playing with one of my cousins claiming that we both had a partner at that time in that game.

So we both had to imagine and say how we would like to be a partner.
I have described it exactly. Beautiful, impeccable features.
Today I open my eyes and I have it … it’s more than what I imagined. It is him…
Suddenly I’m interrupted by his voice:

– Hey, what are you typing out there?

Smile and continue to write ..
I continue to write about him and how earnest and imposing he transmits only by simply presenting it, but at the same time it is so sweet and sensitive at times that it forms perfect masculinity.

It’s him .. but with him I start in the morning for about 3 years .

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