Agitated mornings!

I woke up and as usual I went to make my tea with lemon.
I take a seat at the window and look at the excitement outside.
In the station in front of the my house there are people waiting for the bus.

I look at the detached window of everything that’s going on and come back to the bed in the bedroom, where there’s everything I’ve got more expensive and beautiful in this world … HE!

Here I find peace, here I am charging energy by simply being held in my arms.
Here I forget about all the agitation outside because I can access my peace of mind.

All the photos in our bedroom tell us a story every morning.

As I write, he kissing me on the forehead.
Maybe you ask what the secret of such a relationship is.
You have to go through agitation to get to know the peace.
You have to make sacrifices, nothing good is not easy.
If we had not come to know the agitation, we would not know how to appreciate the peace.

No matter at what point of life you are, remember that you are designed to be great and happy!

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