How to react when you are cheating?

If you recently went through such a situation and you think everything is over here, I want to remind you that there is no person in this world who has not experienced suffering, betrayal and despair.

My opinion is that you can move more easily over this harder stage of life by doing the following:

1. Express your emotions and accept them.

When I say this I refer to that soul discharge that you can do by “crying, anger, frustration.” Accept these emotions and you will see that you will feel free and without blame.

2. Do not try to blame the injured and the blameless.

By doing this you will only underestimate your own inner strength and make the other remain with you in pity and guilt.

3. It is the perfect time to appreciate more for what you are.

Do not forget that you were the one who gave positive emotions to the dear, constructive and that you tried to give everything that is best.

4. Do not compare yourself to the person who made your partner cheat on you.

Remember, you’re unique, what’s the point of comparing yourself? Still small we have been taught that we have to compete with other people and that is why it is very difficult not to compare, but it is not impossible.
Comparison is an illusion because you can not compare by knowing clearly that every person is unique.

5. Do not try to make yourself guilty for your partner’s mistake.

Remember that we can not control what is happening outside, so do not blame yourself for the other’s fault.


Any experience, whether negative or positive, teaches us what we need.
You may have forgotten yourself and you were totally dedicated to forgetting your own happiness, so this lesson was necessary to learn to love you more and not to
you forget how valuable you are.

Most often, after a painful experience, you will realize that it was all you needed to evolve!

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