Evening thoughts part 13

While he is looking for a movie to watch together in the light of a scented candle, I admire the flowers that I have just received.

8 March!

Woman, today is about you, about all the burdens you go, about all the tears spilled from sensitivity, about everything that you have wronged, and you did not have the power to forgive yourself.

The time has come to appreciate and acknowledge your femininity.

Men, what would this world be without us, women?

Without our sensitivity and care we daily did.
The woman is like a jewelery but sometimes loses its glow and forgets how much it is worth.

It is a woman who always has doubts in the soul and is also the being who is ready to fight with all the weapons for everything she loves.

The woman is the most sensitive being and also the strongest!

Woman in case you forgot, you are a heroine!
You gave birth to a child, you laughed, you cried, but nothing made you give up!

Happy Birthday, woman!

This world would look totally different without your existence!

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