That unwritten law!

In my opinion, simple people are the most valuable.

There is an unwritten law that makes us attracted to a magnet by those gentle, simple and loving people.

Yeah, you guessed it! It’s about our grandparents, so gentle and yet so simple and humble.

We hurry to grow while they keep us on their own leg giving us a support.

I think grandparents are the only proof that time can not devalue everything.

Grandparents are the innocent children who have remained captive in an adult body with multiple responsibilities.

So, they need as much affection!

The mirror was left in a corner, forgotten long ago, only removed if someone wanted to tell them a story about their lives.

Every wrinkle, tell a story!

His eyes, gentle, with heavy steps, struggles day by day to remain among us.

Do not devalue what time can not do!

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