Evening Thoughts part 12

Tonight I’m sitting and enjoying the silence that’s covered, and the smell of the vanilla candle that enjoys my senses.

I’m quiet and happy!

– No, I’m not that because I have something in addition to you, I am happy because unlike other people, I choose to turn seemingly small things into big and significant things.

Or maybe I have become happy because I have always tried to bring a smile to people who really need it.

I give you an example for each of you to realize how much it matters to you from your little one.

In one of the evenings, while leaving the place where I was working, I say it was at 12:00 p.m, I see how a very old woman searches in the garbage while holding a bag full , so I do not notice it very well.

I check my wallet to see how much I can help.
At that time, my financial situation was not very good, so I chose to give that person all the money I had at that time in my wallet.

I said to myself:

-Certainly I can handle it without that money from that moment, my mother was expecting me at home every evening with food.

-But this lady who was waiting for her?

– Good evening ! I say.

– Good evening, girls! She responds with a low voice.

– Please get these money from me and go buy food.

– Thank you, I do not know how to thank you!
-God did a miracle for me and put you in my way.
-Tell me how you call to pray to God for your health.

– I would like to pray for my grandmother’s health and tell her the name of my grandmother.

I left that place with an indescribable joy because I felt how much emotion and how much happiness I transmitted to a man simply because I don’t was indifferent.
I thought I also had a grandmother and I would not like to see her in such a situation.

In my opinion, to be happy it is important not to remain indifferent to the pain of others because life will reward you as you will not expect!

A beautiful evening !!!

And do not forget if you can make someone more beautiful and easy in the evening, do not hesitate to do it!

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