Listen to your feelings!

Feelings point to what you need here and now.
There are only four fundamental feelings and each of them signifies something:

1. If you are angry, it means you need only your own space or you need to impose authority.

2. If you are sad, it means that you need affection and appreciation.

3. If you are afraid, you need to slow down the pace, talk openly about your fears, and make some alternative plans.

4. If you are happy, laugh, sing and dance!

So before you act, ask!

There’s no point in hugging your partner if he’s angry, he’ll feel cramped, invaded and become furious.
And vainly give you a baby in the park if your partner feels sad and lonely, he will feel even more neglected.
Always ask the person who is with you, what he feels and what he wants.

Express your feelings and free emotions, communicated often because you can always find a solution!

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