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How can you find your ideal partner

I think there is a wonderful partner for anyone who wants it. If you are really interested in looking for someone to accompany you alive, I advise you to think seriously:

Do you want it right now? Are you ready to love in the most practical and serious way?

Being ready to love the marquee, in fact, a visible and palpable difference: someone who tells the world honestly that she is interested in love has a fertile mature air, a special beauty.

We always discover that when a woman or a man decides categorically that he wants a partner, he finds it very quickly.


Karina was 31 years old and worked very hard. He always wore the care of others and always displayed a smiling face.

Intimately, however, she felt herself alone and desperately wanted a soul mate and children.

At my suggestion, she began to not neglect her desires.

She has obviously wanted to see him, while setting clear criteria as to the type of partner and lifestyle he aspires to.

She soon began a relationship, but she ended it because the man, though affectionate, was not as mature as she was.

The second time was more selective and she found a very fitting man with whom she was, while writing these rows, on a vacation.


The most common obstacle when looking for a new love comes from failing to close the wounds of the old relationship.

It is natural not to suffer again.

To get rid of the pain, it helps a lot if you free yourself.

You can start by writing a farewell letter to the one who caused you suffering and then burning that letter, doing that you will feel like you have decided to leave behind the past.

You will feel more pure, smarter and ready to go forward!

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