Evening Thoughts part 11

While drinking my milk chocolate , while enjoying the smell of the vanilla flavor candle, I scramble through the photos that seem to have dust … no, it’s not about the dust you can get it is easy to remove, it is the dust that can not be cleaned because it is left to awaken the forgotten memories.

– Wow, what a little girl!

Sometimes I have the impression that I was already an adult, so far I seem to be childhood and yet so close that I have the impression that between the moment of childhood and now all things in my life have happened as I blinked.

My appearance is changed, my gaze is as innocent as my soul will remain forever.

If you’re looking in the past, you may never find yourself because the movie was running, the scene was recorded, and you changed your role.

We are evolving, because everything that surrounds us is in constant change.

I do not miss my childhood, I took this role for a lifetime!

It is a role that I will not saturate because it is the only one that makes me sincerely happy about simple things and to love pure.

Time steals all that superficial things in this world , but your soul belongs to you and can not be stolen without your consent!

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