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These statements can change your life!

I now assume the feminine power.

Discover how wonderful they are.

I see within myself a wonderful being.

I am wise and beautiful.

I love what I see inside of me.

I opt to love and enjoy.

I’m independent.

I am the one who controls my life.

I grow up my horizons.

I am free to be everything I can be.

I have a great life.

My life is full of love.

The love of my life begins with me.

I have control over my life.

I am a strong woman.

I deserve to enjoy love and respect.

I do not depend on anyone. I’m free!

I am eager to learn new ways to live my life.

I accept and use my personal power.

I’m embroiled with being alone.

I’m glad of what I am.

I love and enjoy myself.

I am glad to live in this period and in this place.

I fill my life with love.

I feel safe and allow myself to grow.

Everything is good in my world.

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