Never give up!

Failure is not an option. You have to focus all the time on success and not let you think about failure.

Thoughts about failure are like the rust of your car: Once you let a stain develop, it will stretch until the entire car is affected. So, in your mind, failure can take control and have a negative impact on to achieve success.

It is important to stop the rust of failure to develop by continually cleaning it.

A catastrophic loss of trust, devotion and motivation can cause you to abandon your goal.

If you promote the idea that you can not succeed, the probability of not being successful in achieving future goals is even greater.

Managing your own weight is a classic example of this: abandoning a short-term goal leads to repeated failures in the future.

If you do not reach your desired weight, you are resentful fear that you are not able to succeed. As a consequence of growing fear, you apologize to explain future failures, often before they happen.

This leads to repeated failures, ultimately leading to complete abandonment of the long-term goal.

That’s why you have to pay attention to the success of the mind and never give up!

Example: Moment of challenge

Only seven hours after the start of his seven-day “beyond power” challenge, Davina McCall has hit his first major barrier to success.

“After I started the 130-mile cycling race, in the rain from Edinburgh to the Lake District, I had the worst weather I’ve ever had on my bike: a wave of snow, lavity, hail and rain , accompanied by strong wind up to 60mph / hour. ”

Despite months of meticulous planning and preparation, the completion of this monumental challenge was jeopardized as the mind of success began to cede. Davina was beginning to embrace her an overwhelming fear of failure, which led to the rapid loss of her confidence that she could succeed.

“Instead of letting Davina deal with the fear of failure on the bike, I made a sign of the team stopping midway between the stops on the road.

This unscheduled shutdown gave me and my team the chance to talk to Davina, who was in tears in front of what has proved to be the most difficult moment in the whole challenge.

The short pause gave me time to reassure her confidence in her ability to succeed.

I talked to her about her motivation in that challenge, so that she can restore her total devotion.

With fear of diminished failure and an increased desire to succeed, Davina again jumped on the bike in heavy weather and for a professional cyclist and continued her journey to success.

Seventeen hours after leaving Edinburgh, with the toughest relief and worst time the UK could offer, Davina reached its goal and finished the first day!”

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