5 Strategies winning of body language

People make up 90% of their opinion in less than four minutes and 60-80% of the impact you make on non-verbal ones.
The next five strategies will give you the best chance of having a positive effect on others.

1. Keep your palms in sight

Keep your palms on sight when you talk. Reaction to this ancient signal is directly connected to the brain.
This gesture will signal that you are not a threat and the reaction will be positive.

2. Keep your fingers stuck

People who keep their fingers stuck and their hands under the chin when they talk get the most attention.
If you hold your fingers or your hands over the chin, you are perceived as having less authority.

3. Keep your elbows away from your body

If you support your elbows on the arms of an armchair you are perceived as having a position of authority and submitting a strong, honest man image.
Humble, defeated individuals let their arms fall inside the armchair arms and keep their elbows attached to the body to protect themselves.
You are perceived as fearful or negative people, so avoid this position.

Keep your distance

Respect a person’s intimate space.
Place yourself closer to acquaintances, but farther from new acquaintances.
Position yourself closer to those of similar age and at an appreciable distance from the elder or younger.

5. Reproduce the body language of the other

When you make a new acquaintance, you reproduce the position in which it stands, the attitude, the angle of the body, the gestures, the facial expressions and the tone of her voice.
A little while later the person will feel like he’s attracting something to you, and he will describe you as a pleasant company.

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