Love is magic!

We 2 and an airport!

– We talk when I get up, I got on the plane! I come to youuu!!!
These words made my body vibrate and excite me even now as I write these lines.
-Did we arrive at the airport “landed?” I ask one of my cousins who accompanied me to the airport.
-Yeah! The plane he’s in landed!
At that moment my heart sucked in my chest, trying to make room for me to see him as best as he arrived at the airport.
We were told to go to another floor in the airport to wait for the arrived people to wait for their luggage.
-I see him! I’m full of emotions!
I made it through the people and I managed to see him when he was waiting for his baggage.
I could look through a window, stick to that window to see it as well.
-He saw me!
The moment when our eyes have intersected, the time stagnated for us, he forgot about the baggage and approached the window we were glued to, all the people around us looked. They looked at us while we shook our hands through that window!
He warned someone that he had to go and take his bag and that he did.

This picture with us from that moment conveys more than I can convey by words!

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