Insomnia: Foods that you do not must to eat before bedtime

We do not have to explain to you why it’s not good to eat spicy foods before bedtime and what effect they have on digestion when you go to sleep. Fatty and spicy foods are nothing but ballooning you and giving you a discomfort. Sugar is also in the same category, so do not be surprised if you ate ice cream, you can hardly fall asleep.

If you have a great appetite, it is ideal to consume these foods 4-6 hours before sleeping to avoid insomnia episodes.Foods that cause insomnia

Cheese. Not all types of cheese cause this effect, but those saturated with saturated fats such as Swiss cheese, cheddar, blue or parmesan cheese can be a real challenge for the digestive system, especially when preparing for sleep, perhaps too soon after you have eaten a larger quantity. Thus, chest burns appear. The ideal alternative to this lust may be a warm glass of beer that can really help you fall asleep quickly, and that’s because of the tryptophan acid that helps you relax.

Black chocolate. Surely if you deserve a dessert, you’ll be putting on the chocolate shelf. Black chocolate is healthier than a slice of cheesecake, but it can be a “threat” before bedtime, and that’s because it is rich in polyphenol and a source of caffeine. The rule is to avoid beverages containing caffeine, such as black or green tea and coffee, as well as foods containing this ingredient, which make sleep difficult before bedtime. 1-2 cubes of black chocolate contain a quarter of the amount of caffeine a cup of coffee contains. In addition, it takes somewhere between 6 and 10 hours for caffeine removal to take place, let’s say why is not good chocolate before bedtime? The ideal alternative would be cranberry juice and nuts. Both produce melatonin and help regulate sleep.

Hamburgers. We know, beef is an excellent protein, but especially an ideal source of iron. But the proteins and fats found in a burger need time to digest. For this reason, it is very important to avoid serving dishes containing beef 4 hours before bedtime. The chicken or turkey breast is the protein-rich alternative and contains fewer saturated fats.

Foods containing Matcha. Matcha is the green tea in powder form, and often it is added to cookies, smoothies and other preparations, and that’s because it has a great color and is an ingredient rich in antioxidants. The problem is that green tea contains caffeine, which will make sleep difficult. The healthy alternative that does not cause problems? Pistachios. It is rich in antioxidants, it contains monosaturated fat, protein and fiber.

Processed food. The processed food contains a fairly large amount of sodium, and such foods can make you feel bald, fluid retention and, of course, discomfort. Peanut butter is a good snack, and consumed alongside an apple can satisfy your appetite.

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