Rome trip

I went to the road, destination: Rome! We both and a camera!It was a unique experience, I recommend you to visit because I assure you that you will leave with many unforgettable memories from this place.

-Look! What romantic streets !!! I add and go by holding my partner. I felt like I was coming back in time, I really felt like I stepped over the whole story.

Nothing made us take us, we walked all day long to visit as many tourist attractions. At one point, we stopped at a terrace that was very close to the colosseum. we ordered a pizza and then continued our journey.Of course we stopped taking souvenirs.

Although there were a lot of tourists on the streets, we felt like we were only 2 and Roma. Everything was fascinating!

I attach the pictures we have surprised because they can say what I did not say in words!





15 thoughts on “Rome trip

  1. A sort of stream of consciousness to share….

    The layers and layers of history. The fast moving motorcycles. The food, the steaming cappuccino, the spirited people, the bustling open air markets, the gelato, the cozy cafes, late evening dinners, the packed museums, the infinite churches of all sizes, and the storied piazzas, street artists, olive oil, postcards, tourists everywhere, Lots of walking…taking endless pictures, pizza, more pizza, tossing coins into The Trevi Fountain, staring up at the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel, wandering the narrow streets, pasta, the grandness of The Coliseum, the tiny cars, the airy beauty of Piazza Navona….

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